We offer script writing, directing, video production, and all the talent sourcing necessary to make your vision a reality.


How do you charge for your videography?

Unless you’re signed up to one of our subscriptions, our pricing is consistent across the board. It’s $299 + GST per hour, $1,299 + GST for a half day shoot (up to 5 hours)
and $1,999 + GST for a full day shoot (up to 10 hours)

Editing costs the same. If it takes us an hour to edit your video based on what you told us you need then it’ll cost $299 + GST

If it takes a half day to edit the video, then it’ll cost $1,299 + GST.

Our vision is to take your idea and turn it into reality fast. 

Do you offer green screen / blue screen shoots?

Yes, 100%. We have all the right equipment, the stands, the lighting and everything necessary to then remove the background and replace it with whatever you wish. 

Do you do drone videography?

Yes we do. It is however not always possible if it’s within 4KM from the nearest airport or airfield. 

What software do you use to edit videos with?

We use several. Davinci Resolve Studio is the founder’s favourite and that’s what he uses. But some of the team use Adobe Premiere because they are efficient with it and know how to maximise the results out of that particular software.

Do you offer voice-over services?

Yes we do. We have an excellent Kiwi broadcaster with a phenomenal voice who does our voice-overs.

do you offer script writing?

Oh, 100%. We will examine your website and ask you certain questions in order to get a good script ready for your approval. 

Do you offer animated videos?

Yes we do. This means that if you want a video you do not have to be in it! And we can have a script written for you and have someone else do the voice-over.