Modern Video Production Techniques to Enhance an Architects Portfolio

The advancements in technology enable you to do things that were once impossible. For instance, did you ever think you could get videos of architecture that can be way better than still photographs? Yes! That’s possible today with amazing videography techniques. 

Architecture video production allows you to focus on the details of buildings you shoot; it also enhances the designs and structure. Additionally, videography makes the architecture come to life. 

Videography Techniques to Use 

Some of the modern videography techniques that you can use to get amazing videos are mentioned below:

  • Aerial Video

Shooting your videos from a drone is the best way to capture an aerial video. It gives your viewers a new and better perspective of the architecture. 

  • Time-lapse Video

A still video that shows a time-lapse is great to see shadows move and witness the day turn into night. Time-lapse enables the viewers to understand how the construction looks at different times throughout the day. 

  • Hyper lapse Video

A hyper lapse video is great to show the viewers the architecture from various distances. It also allows you to capture the surrounding environment in a better way. 

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