Most frequent questions and answers

After you sign up for our monthly service, the only thing left is for us to schedule a time and date every month. This can be rescheduled later. We will also need to become admins of your social media pages. After that, you will have the option to choose your own photos every month. If you are too busy, we will select the photos which we feel turned out best.

We offer businesses great flexibility so if anything changes in your business, you can cancel your plan by giving us at least 3 days of notice before your subscription renews. This just gives us enough time to cancel your subscription through the backend before it renews. Your service will continue as usual until the end of your paid subscription period and then stop, until or if you renew again.

You do not unless you would like to be in the images.

Yes, we have several clients who opted in for this option. We create digital posts for them by using beautiful templates and graphic design.

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