Different Types of Architectural Photography

Architecture photography involves photographing buildings and various constructions. These photographs are often aesthetic and captured to give the public a fair idea about a certain piece of construction. 

There are various different fields of architecture photography that you may not know about. Basically, every different kind of architecture can be divided into a different type of photography. 

Various Fields of Architecture Photography

Here are some different types or fields in architecture photography that are used to capture diverse buildings and constructions. 

  • Education Architecture Photography

This type of architecture photography deals with capturing pictures of educational institutions like high schools, universities and primary schools.

  • Sports Architecture Photography 

Sports Architecture Photography deals with photographing sports stadiums, arenas, outdoor and indoor sports complexes and athletic stadiums.

  • Commercial Architecture Photography

Photographing high rise offices and other office spaces is included in commercial Architecture Photography.

  • Architectural Model Photography

This kind of photography deals with capturing detailed models of architecture.

  • Hospitality Architecture Photography

Constructions photographed under hospitality architecture photography include cafes, restaurants, shopping centres, food courts and departmental stores. 

Photographing different types of architectures requires expert skills and the experience to bring out photographs that are splendid. There are various Architecture Photographers in Auckland that can capture professional architecture shots for your project. To hire one with the best services, you can contact Kiwi Photography Group. 

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