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Never let a customer forgot you by using animated headshots. You can even choose the background you like!

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We set up a green screen (or a blue screen) in your office or a location organised by us, set up the lighting, the camera and start shooting! After that, we choose the part that looks best, make sure it loop, replace the background, edit the video, and send you the final result!

They are. Still photography headshots do not move, where these ones do! What a way to keep your website viewers entertained and help them stay longer, right?

It is an option. We can do the process in your office if this is something we agree on prior to booking to make sure there is enough time allocated for this.

This is something we can absolutely do. We can share ideas to make sure you are not lost.

Wear what you feel comfortable and confident in, and relax. It’s a wonderful process and we want you to enjoy the experience as much as you enjoy the outcome, so let us take care of you.

We come to you, whether it’s your commercial office space, or your home office.. Everything we need to make this happen will be brought with us.

Just book in a time & date, and let us create magic for you!

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